Link Page 2: Modeling and Manipulating Geometry

The Focus on this page is about creating complex geometry. Once you started your project you will soon realize that you need unique geometry that is not covered by the ‘standard’ or the ‘extended’ primitives. The first tutorial briefly introduces you to:

  • Edit Mesh
  • Sub-objects
  • Normals
  • Soft Selection

The second tutorial explains:

  • How Modifiers are applied
  • How the Modifier Stack works
  • How to collapse the Modifier Stack

The third tutorial covers basic spline usage by showing how to:

  • Create Splines and Shapes
    • as several or as one object
  • Spline Sub-objects
  • Breaking Vertices
  • Attaching Splines

The fourth covers:

  • Extruding splines
  • The Lathe Modifier

The fifth tutorial covers:

  • Poly modeling with standard transformations
  • Sub-objects
  • Ignore Backfacing
  • Grow and Shrink selections

This video shows you the new graphite modeling tools in 3ds Max 2010. They can be incredibly helpful to create selections in your Editable Poly.

This tutorial briefly shows you how to apply the Lathe modifier.

This tutorial shows you how the loft works.

The following explains Nurbs, by showing you how to use:

  • Point Surfaces
  • Control Vertex Surfaces
  • Point Curves
  • Control Vertex Curves
  • Cap
  • U loft

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