Project 2.0 objectDEVICE

Marc Fornes WIP
Marc Fornes

Digital modeling fundamentally creates objects and the relationship of surface, facet, node, and edge expresses form.

You will flex your newly found (or developing) modeling skills to interpret the subject in one of the provided photos/projects. It will be important to define specific dimensions and to find additional information/photos in order to understand the scale before modeling. The model will focus on the articulation of form and the interrelationship of constituent parts. The model should visually answer these questions:

  • How is the model’s material quality expressed by the form?
  • What is the relationship of the device to a human being?
  • How are constituent parts attached or fastened?
  • What is the models relationship to the context?

Your model will be assessed on creativity, clarity, attention to detail, and quality of craftsmanship.

Deliverables . Due 10.03.12

All work will be merged into the class template file that will be available on the CADGIS server. This file will provide materials and lighting appropriate for this project.

  1. Aerial view of model rendered at 1920×1080 pixels
  2. Worm’s eye view of model rendered at 1920×1080 pixels
  3. Three detail views of selected portions of model rendered at 1920×1080 pixels
  4. 3ds Max model, .max file
  5. 11 x 17 PDF layout @ 200dpi showing model views and labeling key dimensions, parts, etc.

Filenames should be in the following format: lastname_firstname_aerial.jpg, lastname_firstname_wormseye.jpg, lastname_firstname_detail01.jpg, etc…
All deliverables will be submitted on CADGIS server in /students/project02/lastname_firstname folder

Modeling Subjects


01 . Pritzker Pavilion . Millennium Park

02 . Embarcadero Fountain

03 . Pinecote Pavilion . Fay Jones
04 . Metropol Parasol


05 . Cloud City, New York Metropolitan Rooftop
06 . Zentrum Bern . Paul Klee

07 . Brick Pit Ring . Durbach Block Architects

08 . Highline Observation Platform . Field Operations and Diller Scofidio
09 . Bridge Vlaardingse Vaart . West 8
10 . Gateshead Millenium Bridge . Wilkinson Eyre and Gifford
11 . Simcoe Wave Deck . West 8

Student Projects

Kaitlyn Weimer . Borneo Sporenburg Bridge
Paul Toenjes . Gateshead Millenium Bridge
Jessica Carvajal . Twist Bridge
Shuntaro Yahiro . Barcelona Pavilion