The ability to convey the character of a space in two dimensions is essential for any designer. As Landscape Architects, we primarily use plan drawing and section to perform this task. While there are many other useful design drawings, plan and section combined with dimensions, notations, and support diagrams are fundamental to professional practice. Measured programs like AutoCAD are critical for defining spaces and dimensions. They provide the framework for programs like Photoshop which allows Landscape Architects to represent materials and lighting qualities through texture, colors, and shading.

Your assignment will be to use AutoCAD, Photoshop, and Illustrator to create an illustrative site plan and two section illustrations of the site you designed for project02. Beyond simply representing the site materials and objects in plan the section, you will use the concepts of light/shadow, color/tone, scale, and opacity to render the scene as accurately and purposefully as possible.

AutoCAD will be utilized to create the base line work for the plan, with varying line weights. Photoshop will then be used to add textures, objects, light and shadow, and other adjustments. Illustrator will then be used to add notations to the final illustration and to finalize the layout with a title, heading, north arrow, and scale.


  1. Illustrative Site Plan .pdf file, lastname_firstname_project03_plan.pdf
  2. Section Illustrations .pdf file, lastname_firstname_project03_sections.pdf
  3. Illustrator .ai file,
  4. Illustrator .ai file,



Adobe Photoshop . pattern overlay

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