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Chenlu DONG – narrative
Yao LIU – temporal
Ruoyi PENG – generative


+ concept +


Our composite project focuses on the development of the surrounding areas of Bayou Lafourche. This area changed in ways of topography, ecology and culture. We plan to show each part of the progress with graphic, video and Rhino model.


+ part 1.00


In old ages, an arpent system was built along this bayou to settle the residence. We would like to conclude this part of history in our story of Bayou Lafourche. This land use strategy changed the original appearance of the surface of the land and turned it into slices.


+ part 2.00


Bayou Lafourche was formerly a Mississippi River outlet, but was dammed at Donaldsonville in 1905. The dam cut off nourishment and replenishment of a huge wetland area of central Louisiana. It changed the formerly flowing bayou into a stagnant ditch. This decision brought dramatic changes to this bayou and local residence.


+ part 3.00


For the outlook of the future of Bayou Lafourche, a project to reconnect Bayou Lafourche to the Mississippi River at Donaldsonville is under design. The plan is to use a control structure to regulate the water discharge. The purpose is to mitigate the accelerated land loss that followed the interruption of the distributary flow, and to improve water quality in the bayou.


During hundreds of yeas, Bayou Lafourche has been embracing dramatic changes. It is a wonderful example to show how culture and nature both change the landscape with their own power.


The illustrative images will mainly represent scenes of the surrounding areas of different ages. The temporal video focuses on deconstructing the process of the changing of the route of bayou. The isometric diagrams will deconstruct the generated topographies and compare the qualities of surfaces of different times.


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