3D landscape representations form a valuable tool to communicate information that has been captured in plan or section drawings. A perspective offers a more personal and emotional approach to landscape visualizations.

In this assignment you are asked to create a simple 3d model in Autodesk 3d Studio Max. You will render a flat image of you model as a base for your Photoshop work. In Photoshop you will collage pieces of images onto the simple objects you created in 3dsMax.
Atmosphere and ambiance as well as presenting a convincing scene are the main goals.
Internet research is recommended to find interesting examples and different visualization styles. Try to find inspiration that helps you develop your own rendering style.


  1. 3dsMax file, lastname_firstname_project04_model.3ds
  2. Photoshop file, lastname_firstname_project04_perspective.psd
  3. 18”x24” @ 200dpi (3600px x 4800px) printout.jpg file and printed on matte heavyweight paper, landscape orientation



Procedures for modeling from an AutoCAD file in 3DS Max

Adobe Photoshop . pattern overlay

Adobe Photoshop . Perspective Textures

3ds Max . Edit poly modifier

3ds Max . UVW mapping

3ds Max . Creating Daylight Systems, Target Cameras, and Render Setup

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Noble Desktop Shortcuts – Mac

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Noble Desktop Shortcuts – PC

Adobe Illustrator CS5 Noble Desktop Shortcuts – Mac

Adobe Illustrator CS5 Noble Desktop Shortcuts – PC