Project 4.0 dynamicELEMENTS

Sustainable San Diego . Center for Design Informatics

Beyond modeling, rendering and materials it is also possible to create animations that are both illustrative and performative.  When creating animations it is important to consider the speed, scale, and relationship of moving parts and changing conditions. It is possible to mimic or exaggerate change in order to illustrate specific conditions.

You will create a single animation that will explore the topic of construction and/or deconstruction. The animation should interpret the terms construction and/or deconstruction in a creative narrative. The animation will be 30 seconds long at 30fps (900 frames) @ 480×270 pixels. If you have time to render it at 1280×720 pixels that is preferred (+2 points)

The animation will use one of the provided student models with your own materials lit by a daylight system. The camera can move during the animation but pay specific attention to the composition of the scene allowing the viewer to have an interesting view of the reconstruction and/or deconstruction process. You should incorporate your knowledge of modeling, materials, and lighting to develop a compelling animated scene. You can create a base for your model in order to allow it to cast shadows, this can be an infinite plane to the horizon or another pedestal of your choice, the base is optional.

Your animation will be assessed on creativity, clarity, attention to detail, and quality of craftsmanship.

Deliverables . Due 10.31.12

Animation 001, 30sec 900 frames @ 480×270 (or 1280×720) pixels, H.264 or Sorenson quicktime .mov/.mp4
Upload Animation to the LA 2101 Vimeo Current Work Group
3ds max file and any linked textures

All deliverables will be submitted on CADGIS server in /students/project04/lastname_firstname folder.