Link Page 3: Materials

This page links you to the most important tutorial about creating materials in 3ds Max. Most of the tutorials show the usage of the  ‘Compact Material Editor’ which is still included in the newest versions of 3ds Max. Switching between the ‘Compact Material Editor’ and the ‘Slate Material Editor’ is possible at any time.

The first tutorial shows you all the basics like:

  • Changing the material preview
  • Copying materials
  • Naming materials
  • Assigning materials to objects
  • Deleting materials

The second tutorial covers following topic:

  • Shader Basic Parameters
  • Blinn Basic Parameters
  • Specular Highlights
  • Introduction to Maps

The third tutorial show you how to:

  • Load images in the ‘Diffuse Channel’
  • Change the image position using the u,v,w coordinates
  • Usage of Bump Maps

This Tutorial shows you how to:

  • Use compound materials
  • Assign material ID’s in polygon mode
  • Assign images to the different ID’s

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