Link Page 1: Scene Organization

In this page, tutorial are posted to help you progress with your second project.

The Focus on this page is about setting up your scene.

If you organize your scene appropriately it will be a lot easier to work in 3ds Max, when your scene becomes more and more complex.

The first tutorial covers following topics:

  • Hide
  • Freeze
  • Layers

The second Tutorial covers:

  • Binding objects to each other
  • This especially becomes handy when tubes or cylinders have to be connected like steel cables on a bridge.

The third tutorial covers:

  • Selection filters
  • Select by name
  • Select by color
  • Select multiple objects
  • Lock selections
  • Selection sets
  • Isolate selection

The next tutorial treats the following topics:

  • Grouping objects
  • Linking objects

This tutorial shows you how to:

  • Align objects to another

The last tutorial in this section covers following topics:

  • Copy
  • Instance
  • Reference
  • Array

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