LA 2101 : 3ds Max Fundamentals and Resources

The following pages will help you review for the fundamentals exam on Friday, September 10. More importantly, the concepts and skills listed are crucial to success later in the course, and to your use of 3ds Max in the future.

1.   User Interface and Navigation
2.   Creating and Organizing Geometry
3.   Transforming and Modifying Objects
4.   Lighting and Materials
5.   Creating and Moving Cameras
6.   Animation

For each topic, there is a list of concepts and skills, followed by a list of resources. In some cases, we have added additional information to supplement the resources.

The answers to many questions can be found by searching online, through Google, Google Video, YouTube, etc.

General 3ds Max Resources:

For more advanced techniques, you might try:

These two sites also have forums for learning or asking about more advanced techniques.

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