LA 2101 : 3ds Max Fundamentals 1

User Inteface and Navigation

Concepts & Skills:

You should be able to identify and locate:

-the menu bar
-the file menu (i.e. application button)
-the main tool bar
-the graphite modeling tools
-the command panel
-the time and animation controls
-the time slider
-the status bar
-the four standard viewports: top, left, front and perspective
-the view cube
-the steering wheel
-the quad menu

You should be able to:

-change the active viewport
-change the view within a viewport (e.g. top, front, perspective)
-re-size a viewport
-switch between 1 and 4 viewports

-navigate (zoom, pan, orbit) within a viewport via:
-the middle mouse button / scroll wheel
-the view cube
-the steering wheel

You should also be familiar with the basic keyboard shortcuts.


Supplementary Resources:

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