As the world’s energy demand continues to rise, there exists a concurrent increase in greenhouse gas emissions stemming from fossil fuels consumption.  As a result a need for renewable energy sources is rapidly expanding.  Biofuels represent a large segment for potential energy, but as ethanol has demonstrated, finding an energy source that doesn’t compete with our food supply (and is sustainably cultivated) has become paramount.

Algae cultivation has the potential to produce large amounts of fuel produced in a suitable manner by creating a carbon neutral energy supply.  What carbon dioxide is released from the burning of the algae fuel is offset from the carbon dioxide that algae absorb during the photosynthesis process.

We envision this framework idea to be represented through a physical model, which shows the push and pull relationship of the oil industry and the relatively new, algae biofuel industry. No glue, only fasteners to represent tension, flexibility, compression and other forces as work which are representative of both industries.

Model Prototype

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