005 . Stop Motion Animation . Analog/Digital Deconstruction

Lauren Fasic Biofuel diagram
Lauren Fasic Biofuel diagram

2 GROUPS . Each group will identify key moments expressed in their site model and will disassemble the model in order to express the connections between the static and dynamic site components. The dis-assembly will highlight the dynamic qualities of the site, focusing on connections that will be represented by a third material introduced through the course of the animation. This dis-assembly will be documented as a stop motion animation. Students may introduce materials (wire, dowels, etc) to highlight the apparent connections revealed during the course of the stop motion animation.

This will require a script of moves, a strategy to disassemble the model. The script will identify key moments that will be followed in order to create the animation. The script will be written notes and key diagrams, similar to an instruction manual that could be given to an individual to recreate the deconstruction process. The script can be created as an analog or digital document.

The photographs from the stop motion animation will be compiled in Adobe After Effects or Photoshop and exported as an h.264 quicktime movie file. This process will be demonstrated in the class.

Deliverables . quicktime animation and script