Project 4.0 Phs.1 Turn New Orleans to Venice.

Composite: Jidapa Chayakul, Jiesi Luo, Vedika Nigam

Water once brought fortune and development to New Orleans, but now it becomes primary problem of the city. In the shadow of flood, people in NOLA built a series of infrastructures — gigantic pump stations and levees, to protect city from water. Hurricane Katrina broke the dream, and left a large area of vacant lots in the city. The vacant lots, locate in low area of the city, are opportunities for the development of New NOLA, and a solution to the water issues forever. By intensify the elevation difference, control the flooding areas. Break down the levees and introduce water in, turn New Orleans to a water city as it should be. Redesign the public services and infrastructures to match the water city. The lifestyle in NOLA would also change, water starts to integrate into daily life. This should be a excellent way to solve the core problem of the city.

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For next step, the narrative will focus on the “cut and fill”, “change of levee” and “social change” these three parts

Generative will create the model to show the grading strategy in an area, the temporal part will render the change out combine with the story board and narrative diagrams.