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003 . Technical Illustration . Annotations

Petra Kempf
Petra Kempf

The renderings from the previous exercise will be used as the basis for a technical illustration that will annotate and highlight the phenomena represented in the model. The model will be dissected using slices and section cuts in 3ds max and then illustrated and annotated in Adobe Illustrator. The rendered views will slip back hierarchically and the section cuts will become the new network that will address seasonal change to identify and quantify states that exist between the points, polys, and edges.

A similar language of lines and planes, differentiated by size, shape and opacity, will be used to create the technical illustration. This is an annotated illustration and is different from the original drawing which attempted to record, narrate and express phenomena. The illustration will elucidate the viewer, your colleagues, as to how the phenomena changes throughout the seasons. While some technical illustrations may be used to convey information to laypersons your audience for this illustration is your colleagues, therefore the content should be specific to our profession.

Deliverables . Single Illustration (24”x36” @ 150dpi)

“The pieces are diagrams of an ‘adaptable framing device’ with which to decode current and developing urban conditions ” (PKempf)


Petra Kempf
Petra Kempf