Project 1.0 . Document_Deconstruct

LA4301 Project 1.0 PDF

While studying the fundamentals of Autodesk Civil 3d you will devise a methodology to document and deconstruct a current built work. This process should focus on highlighting the intricacies of the current design project through a digital site model which visually represents the site and analytically records the terrain.

The visual aspect of the model aims to accurately capture the major features of the site as accurately as possible with current information. This will include creating two and three-dimensional linework to represent the site in AutoCAD and in specific cases creating models for site features such as plazas, buildings, etc.

The model should visually answer these questions:

  • What are the major site features?
  • What is the relationship the topography to other site features?
  • How are constituent parts related?
  • What is the models relationship to the context?

The terrain analysis will require the creation of accurate TIN and Volume surfaces of previous (before construction) and as built topography. This model will show cut/fill calculations as well as a variety of analysis such as slope/aspect, hydrology and elevation mapping.

All of this information will be formatted in vector illustration and raster editing software to create four 11” x 17” sheets containing all necessary information.

Deliverables . Due 10.01.10

  • Printed 11” x 17” landscape layouts on heavy bond paper
  • PDF Files of printed layouts

PDF will be submitted on CADGIS server in /students/project01/lastname_firstname folder


Chapters 1-5 in Mastering Autodesk Civil 3d 2011