Project 2.0 . Iterative Processing


The site for this exercise will be based on Hilltop Arboretum. Using this topography, you will develop (5) five grading vignettes that provide universal access to assigned points on the site. Utilizing Autodesk Civil 3d, you will explore the 3d characteristics of your grading vignettes and use the terrain models to inform your design process. After exploring these vignettes in Civil3d, you will create a ‘final’ physical and digital terrain model of your grading scheme.

The models should answer these questions:

  • What are the existing site features?
  • How will the proposed program impact these features?
  • Compare hand-drawn solutions with digitally generated solutions

The terrain analysis will require the creation of accurate TIN and Volume surfaces of previous (before construction) and as built topography. You will be expected to use the tools available in Civil3d and Illustrator to thoroughly document your grading vignettes.

All of this information will be formatted in vector illustration and raster editing software to create two 24” x 36” sheets containing all necessary information for each of the grading vignettes as well as the ‘final’ grading scheme.

Deliverables . Due 10.22.10

(2)x6 Printed 24” x 36” landscape layouts on heavy bond paper

(2)x6 PDF Files of printed layouts

(1) Chipboard or cork model of selected grading scheme @ 1”=10’-0”

PDF will be submitted on CADGIS server