Project 4.00 . Composite

The final project will be an exploration of one of the previous modes of representation; narrative, temporal, generative. This exploration will take place in groups where each member will focus on a mode of representation that most interests them.

Phase 1

Storyboard: As a group you will evolve one of the group members previous narratives focusing on the ecology, environmentalism, and infrastructure of South Louisiana. This narrative evolution will be expressed as a storyboard that explains the concept, how it performs through time, major topographic features/issues, infrastructural intersections, and necessary storytelling mechanisms (mood, atmosphere, characters, etc). The storyboard will be developed as a group and should be used to guide each group member’s work in the second phase, it should identify assets required for the project as well as the overall aesthetic (colors, fonts, diagrammatic language, etc).

Deliverables: 9-12 A3 Sheets, printed for review on November 19th and revised for the review on December 10th.

Jamin Pablo . LA 7101 Fall 2007

Jamin Pablo . LA 7101 Fall 2007

Phase 2

Each group member will be responsible for one component of the larger group project. Each component should be a part of the group concept but should also work as a stand alone piece.

Narrative (illustrative): An illustrative image will be created that expresses the project narrative through an experiential landscape view (from the ground level). This will be a single view and will contain annotation to explain major features, processes, etc. The illustration will use the previously explored technique of compositing (photography combined with 3d modeling) as well as collage and/or vector illustration.

Deliverable: Single A1 sheet, hard copy printed on matte photo quality paper and a PDF.

Peter Graves . LA 2101 Fall 2011

Peter Graves . LA 2101 Fall 2011

Temporal: A group member will develop an animation that illustrates landscape processes inherent within the narrative. The animation should focus on deconstructing the process analytically or illustrating the process experientially. The animation must incorporate live video footage and constructed footage (3ds max/After Effects).

Deliverable: A one minute or longer video (not more than 2 minutes), HD resolution 1920×1080 pixels, H.264 compression .mp4 file.

Michael Petty . LA 2101 Fall 2010

Michael Petty . LA 2101 Fall 2010

Generative: The generative piece of the project will create a series of Grasshopper definitions that explore topography, vegetation, and hydrology. Each of these components will be used to generate 15-20 topographic studies that will be used to create isometric diagrams and schematic perspectives. The isometric diagrams will deconstruct the generated topographies and use annotation to compare the qualities of each surface. The schematic perspectives will embed the topography within a view and annotated its relationship to the landscape.

Deliverable: 2 A1 sheets, hard copies printed on matte photo quality paper and a PDF, Grasshopper definitions.

Jinhyun Jun . GSD 2241 Fall 2012

Jinhyun Jun . GSD 2241 Fall 2012

All deliverables must be presented at the Review on December 10th.

Technique Documentation: You will document a technique used in the creation of your portion of the final project. This documentation will be in the form of a blog post on the site. You should clearly explain the steps necessary to complete the technique as well as document the historical lineage of the technique. You have the option to revise past technique documentation posts until December 16th.


November 19th . Storyboard and Concept Due

November 26th . Studio Review Week

December 3rd . Pin-up

December 10th . Review and Exhibit

December 16th . Technique Documentation and Documentation Revisions Due