Digital Documents are used in different scenarios to convey a message to a variety of audiences. For this reason, it is imperative that designers present their work in a variety of mediums. Documents can be printed and mounted on 24”x36” foam-core boards for display at community meetings and events. They can be displayed on a projector or smart board for presentations and charrettes. These documents can also be compiled into a portfolio, pamphlet, or book to be distributed to clients, stakeholders, or the general public. Each presentation method requires a different approach to layout and content. Factors that affect the method of presentation include the viewing time, audience distance, and the role of the audience, whether a client, consultant, etc.

It is also important for the preparation of these design documents to reflect the narrative of the project. Board/Page layout, color, paper type, and text should reflect and reinforce the concept driving the project.

Your assignment will require you to use Adobe InDesign as the tool for presenting your project work from this semester. Projects 01-04 are to be combined into one double-sided 8.5×11 digital document. You can utilize a myriad of binding methods like coil binding, center-stapled, saddle-stitched, etc. Consider your paper choices for both the cover and content pages, and invest in a page layout that reflects the design process displayed throughout the semester.


  1. InDesign File, lastname_firstname_project05.indd
  2. PDF File, lastname_firstname_project05.pdf
  3. Printed and bound copy of Document


Adobe InDesign CS5 Noble Desktop Shortcuts – Mac

Adobe InDesign CS5 Noble Desktop Shortcuts – PC