As algae cultivation becomes more common, we can expect the general public’s comfort level with it to increase.  And as traditional carbon fuel gas stations becomes less prevalent, refueling stations for our automobiles can be configured in new manners that reflect our investment in carbon-neutral, eco-friendly algae fuels. 

This speculative conception of the future visualizes the everyday interaction between people and algae cultivation as a fuel station park.   This is a place where algae cultivation (and perhaps fuel dispensation) can itself form the space in which people go to enjoy nature.  Concurrently the space serves as an algae farm, resulting in a hybrid space of production, education, and passive recreation. 

We envision using composite imagery, utilizing 3ds Max for modeling, that illustrates our fuel station park as the everyday interface between people and algae cultivation.

Night Light

One  interesting example of how algae cultivation can be used with artificial lighting at night to enhance experience and change a landscape.

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