Annotations and diagrams on drawing

Annotation and diagram on drawings could make them clear for the viewers or the readers, what the thing is, how the thing work, what is the relationship between each part, etc., happening on the boards. Drawings(even some constructive ones) could give the viewer subjective feelings by composing the object, then hue, saturation and brightness. Light, shapes and materials construct the whole environment with certain atmosphere. Then diagrams layered on clarify the logic on the drawing, gain the credibility of how the part works and establish the objective rules. Annotations could explain the story literally, activate the imagination to fill the gap between drawings and reality. With the subjective atmosphere, objective rules and imagination filling the gap, a drawing could turn into a credible world in viewers’ brain. That’s how the sci-fi settings come.


Everything in TRON has nothing to do with material, only diagram with light.

In this picture, I tried to create a post-industrial scene. By combining the plants and infrastructure together, an industrial-natural life is fostered as way to store energy.


I imagined a certain kind of synapse as the transformation unit. All the units are linked with the energy core, and energy start to settle down after transported from the unit through nerve. There is nothing better than ellipse to represent the unit, due to its cell-like organic impression. Electric charges change along the nerve when the signal transporting, gradient could show the process. For the storage core, energy newly transported should be more active than those settled, so there should be difference between the energy stored in different time.


Blend tool is fantastic to show the continuous change in the order. I used it to show the gas delivered from far, and the process of transpiration. As the nutrients are absorbed, they are transport to a certain distributing center, and then to the unit.


Beside clarifying the parts of drawings, annotations also set the climate information of the scene, and note the react equation as the basis for the whole system.



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