After Effects Technique ——The Flood History of the Village

Technology of After Efeect

——The Flood History of the Village


In this work, I would like represent the stronger visual effect of the flood destroyed, and accompanied with the peace of the place former, and most importantly, I would like to show the green and constructed frastructure, which have been built to control flood.


In the fist step, I put the camera lens from a view of the whole earth, and then zoom to the Mississippi River, then put the camera run through along the Mississippi River, finally reaching to the Village I imagined.


QQ20131029-3@2x QQ20131029-4@2x QQ20131029-9@2x


In this step, the most important technology is scale transformation and application of camera and father layer. Also, mask is a strong tool to shadow some parts of the images, so they can be smoothly transition. Every layer should be connected with each other and then I add some stars and clouds in it. However, sometimes they are not look well.


Then, it is the most important step to put flooding in the video. Because I don’t have that fluent ability to control After Effect, it is hard to show what I want to tell. I have to snap a specific view, and show you what I want to let you know through this.


So, I put the peaceful village at first.

QQ20131029-10@2x QQ20131029-11@2x QQ20131029-12@2x


In this part, I use others’ videos and collage with my own pictures to represent the effect of flood.


And finally, it is a peaceful village again, with bridge and dam and more green infrastructure.

QQ20131029-13@2x QQ20131029-14@2x


Thank you for reading.

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