LA 2101 : 3ds Max Fundamentals 6


Concepts & Skills:

You should be able to identify and locate:

  • the time configuration menu
  • the RAM player
  • the time slider

You should be able to:

  • animate an object using keyframes (either autokey or set keys)
  • augment an object’s animation by moving keyframes on the timeline
  • animate a camera
  • configure an animation’s frame rate and frame count
  • render an image sequence from an animation
  • compile an image sequence into a video using the RAM player


Additional Information:

To render an image sequence and create a video:

  • Create and animate your scene, including a camera.
  • Assign a viewport to your camera’s view.
  • Open the render setup menu.
  • Select ‘active time segment’.
  • Choose your ‘output size’.
  • Under ‘render output’, select/create a folder for your image files. Choose a file name and file type (typically .jpg).
  • Back in the render setup menu, make sure ‘save file’ is checked.
  • Under ‘assign renderer’, choose the appropriate renderer (typically mental ray).
  • Hit ‘render’ to render your image files.
  • Open the RAM Player, from the rendering menu.
  • Click on the ‘open channel A’ button. Select the first image from your image sequence.
  • Two pop-up menus follow. Check over the default options in each, and hit OK.
  • Click the ‘save channel A’ button and save your video as a .avi file.

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