Molecular Visualization

The following posts include prototypes for modeling styles relevant to our project.  Our project representation will show and explain pollution of water systems from agricultural sites.  There are many media styles using 3D Studio Max and Particle Flow to show pollution and molecular infiltration not only as objects, but as systematic and active process. Perhaps the best solution is to mix these graphic styles, and possibly more, to represent our landscape system.


This video uses a series of jpegs, many of which are taken from 3D Studio Max models. Text explains each jpeg image in sequence from one extremely large scale, down to one extremely small scaled image.


This video shows a complexly modeled object in a simple way.  Most of the visual work and representation lay in the camera view work.  The “nanotube” floats in space as the camera zooms from a model overview, side view, and then moves in close to model detail to show molecular “makeup”.  Then takes the viewer on a journey through the interior of the model in it’s entirety.


We would use a technique similar to this one to show infiltration at a molecular level in vegetation.  This video moves in and out of the molecular scale and shows the processes from a series of views.  This video shows just enough of the process to get the point across, while simply guiding the viewer through a complex scientific journey.  This type of animation helps to spell out complex systems.

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