prototype storyboard v1


This is the first storyboard version. Basically, it starts from the framework to introduce basic data and research about golf courses. Then it shows ways to improve water system of Audubon golf course. As discussed in the framework part, the course could provide some areas like golf ponds or other lowland areas as water capture sites. Later, process part would show how the water system actually works: how water flows in the park; how the water quality changes through the system; where the water stored and when to use the stored water. Then, the last part of experience would start form the bird view of the whole park slowly to personal vision of the park. The scene would show vegetation growing around golf ponds by time-lapse skill and how people and wildlife interact with those changes.

The below are two referred videos from which some effect could be used in the final product.

reference_1 data insert in a still image or video clip (6s – 15s) [after effect]

Else Mobile (The Time Has Come) from Rob Chiu on Vimeo.

reference_2 vegetation growing using time-lapse [3ds max + vue]

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