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After exploring the rivers sediment deposition process closely, it begins to set up a story that explains what happens in the changing course of the river. The sediment plays a significant role that causes the river to fluctuate the way it does. As observed in a more detailed view through the process, the experience begins to widen its view across the larger aspect of the landscape. It creates situations that alter the land and how the people benefit or suffer from the decisions the river has chosen. One situation to consider is that a farmer could have plentiful farm land and over time the river cuts through his land placing it on the other side of the newly formed path. Now, he has lost valuable land and his lively hood due to the shift of the river. Not only does the river find new routes, but leaves old paths behind creating what we call an ox-bow lake. An ox bow can transform into many uses for nature and human involvement. Even though it is cut off from its original foundation, it still presents an environment full of wildlife and ecology that will settle into its new role in the landscape. As far as humans are concerned, many recreational activities could be introduced to the site to provide entertainment. There are multiple settings on which to demonstrate through a time lapse illustration across the reconstructed landscape due to the fluctuating river.

The Diagrams below represent the scheme in how the final experience will tell the story over a period of time. It looks at how the meandering river changes courses creating an oxbow lake, and how the river affects the overall land and ecology patterns surrounding it. The idea for the final will to create a birds eye view of situations along the river, such as the incorporation of infrastructure and property changes,  using Adobe After Affects to recreate the experience and ponder what could be to come.

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