Zprinter 450

Zprinter 450, by Z Corporation

Located in woodshop

8” x 10” x 8” Build Chamber

$4 per cubic inch

1. Make sure your 3d model is complete with no gaps or errors in the geometry.  All vertices should be welded, etc.  Errors in geometry result in errors in the model.

2. Once you have created a model in 3ds Max, export the model to a stereo lithograph format. File (the 3ds Max icon), Export, StereoLitho (.stl)

3. The 3d printer is located in the woodshop, behind the front desk.  You will need to give a copy of the .stl file on a jump drive to the staff/Hunter behind the desk.  They will look at the model in the Zprint software, and do a quick check to look for errors (small dark areas in the model are often gaps in the geometry).

4. The model is then sent to the 3d printer.  Printing time depends on the model, but generally is multiple hours, plus anytime for curing.

5. The 3d printer works by laying down a layer of starch powder followed by a layer of binder, repeatedly, until the model is complete.

6. Post Printing… After printing the Build Chamber is filled with powder…your model is buried in there.

7. Vacuuming … Open the lid to the printer.  Press the black control knob, and turn the knob until vacuum is selected, depress the knob again.  Carefully use the vacuum to remove the excess powder from around your model, you can also use the brush to sweep the powder off the model and vacuum it up (all of the powder is recycled and used again for the next 3d print).  The model will be fragile, especially if it has thin walls or any type of cantilever structure to it. Turn off the vacuum by pressing the black knob again.

8. Depowder – At this point you can do a final Depowder to your model, which simply involves using compressed air to blow excess powder from your model.

Move the model to the right side of the chamber, and close the lid. Use the black knob and select Depowder from the menu.   The compressed air turns on; use the nozzle to blow the powder from your model (put your arms through the black mesh into the depowder chamber).  You can adjust the power of the compressed air by turning the knob to the left or right.

Once done, select Depowder again to turn off the compressed air.  Your model is finished!

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