Collage and 3ds max Techniques

For the work, I used some technics of 3dmax and photoshop to represent the green infrastructure control of flood and constructed control of flood, for the instance of dam during the flooding.


So, I imagined and imitated a small village of Louisiana to suffer from the flood, in order to show the green infrastructure and constructed control separately in the picture 2 and picture 3. Finally it is a peaceful and beautiful village with flood control system.

I used complicated collage technics almost everywhere, including plants and trees, houses of residents, floods, and infrastructures, being accompanied and supplemented with opacity adjustment, and several mask tools. And I used 3dmax to build the model of dam of picture3, and set up a target camera to it with the appropriate daylight, then render it, putting it in the ps. Then using channel tool to get dam entirely and completely.

Take the second one as an example. I put the photo which I took along the Mississippi River as the base image,


and then use other materials to supplement and embellish, representing the destroyed vision.


Technics of software is just the tool to represent what we think, but it is the first step the show our idea accurately. So, we should learn to play these technics fluently to show our thoughts at the first stage.

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