Organic Terrain Design


There is a wide-ranging difference in perceptions of terrain. Depending on education, experience and field of expertise the terrain can be an inspiring creative outlet.  British artist Kane Cali has always used terrain to broaden his approach to art.  Using some techniques that are similar to landscape architects and some that are not, he transforms the media of glass into a data driven model. The resulting sculptures can take on new life by breaking away from the constraints of natural scale and color.

The work, “Ripple Landscape” evokes the dynamics of colliding landscapes and the science of contour mapping.  The sensation of fluidity is replaced with the strength and stability of terrain.  Just like model terrains, the grading of inclines and declines offers a new sense of experiencing time and a peacefulness.  For the examination of a water drop, the observations are inherent.  Awareness of the identity of the ripples is successfully representing a terrain space.

An added bonus is the play on light. Due to the process of computer modeling, female mold building and resin casting, he can filter light through his work.  Unlike traditionally terrains, the opacity adds another level of motion to his vision. You can take a look at website design brisbane price to get some quality designs by computer modeling processes.


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