LA 2101 : Project 5.0 – Paint Objects

This tutorial shows you how to add detailing objects to your landscape by using the “object paint” tools

  • Open the file containing your landscape model
  • Create an object that you want to paint
    • Make sure that the created object is just as detailed as it needs to be (decrease height, width and length segments to a minimum)
  • Enlarge the graphite modeling tools by double-clicking on the panel
    • Navigate to the “object paint” panel
    • Click on “pick object(s)” and choose the prior created object
    • Now click the “paint” button on the very left of the screen and start painting your object
  • Often the default settings have not the desired effect
    • There are several adjustments that you can make
    • Align: Set the axis on which you want to align your painted objects (in our example “z”)
    • Scatter: Set the value how much the painted objects are scattered throughout your landscape
    • Rotate: Set the value how much each object is rotated in relation to the last one painted
    • Scale: Set the value how much the painted objects differ from the original
  • Use different objects in different sizes to create an interesting impression of your landscape

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