March, 2010

Wed.24 – Finish model prototype construction. Continue search for plastic particles.

Sat.27 – Start Framework terrain models in Civil 3D. Collect all river profiles.

Wed.31 – Continue work on terrain models and profiles(Now using Photoshop/3ds max). Model maintenance/fine-tuning.

April, 2010

Spring Break – determine life of model prototype, start construction of larger model if needed. Continue terrain models and start planning Experience phase in Vue.

Wed.14 – Continue new model prototype construction (4’ X 8’). Continue framework and experience progress

Mon.21 – Sat.24 – Finishing Framework terrain models and profiles. Continue work on Experience Time Lapse. Model maintenance and documentation.

Wed. 28 – Working toward final production of experience time lapse, framework terrain models in After Effects. Continue model documentation.

April, 2010

Wed. 5 – Everything Due!

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