Technique Documentation-Sculpture video


A light sculpture video by Hyundai:

Hyundai-Introduces-Fluidic1_450was chosen to represent tentative dynamic bacteria movement. The sculpture was introduced in Milan 2012 and occupying 1,000 square metres, the installation is made up of 12,000 translucent spheres, acting collectively as a screen, surrounded by eight high-powered lasers and suspended over a pool of water. The complex system was then spliced atop the scene. soilsec




The section technique dates back to mankind’s earliest science, geology.  The attempt to reveal what is hidden is called a cross section when drawing sedimentary rock layers. To unify all systems, the layers are divided up into formations and fossils found in situ are studied to place a unit of time.  While this technique is definitive for static geologic scenarios, it can also be applied to living systems and shown in human scale.   Events such as bacteria movement do not stop at the surface, and there are hidden organisms all around us that require further study.



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