LA 2101 : 3ds Max Fundamentals 2

Creating and Organizing Geometry

Concepts & Skills:

You should be able to identify and locate:

-the create tab
-the layer manager
-the ‘grid and snaps settings’ menu

You should be able to:

-create basic 2-d and 3-d primitives (e.g. box, square) via:
-the mouse
-keyboard entry

-toggle between shaded and wireframe view (f3)
-toggle ‘edged faces’ on/off (f4)

-name objects
-change an object’s color

-draw lines
-convert lines and shapes to editable splines

-create new layers
-move an object to a given layer
-change the active layer
-hide, freeze, enable/disable rendering for a layer

-toggle snaps on/off (s)
-toggle angle snaps on/off (a)
-toggle percent snaps on/off
-change snap types

-turn the grid on/off (g)
-change the grid spacing
-change perspective view grid extents
-change major grid line spacing

-change units


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