LA 2101 : 3ds Max Fundamentals 4


Lighting and Materials


Concepts & Skills:


You should be able to:

  • toggle the material editor between compact and slate modes
  • create a new material (e.g. arch & design rubber)
  • name a material
  • copy a material
  • assign a material to an object
  • reset a material

  • create a new ‘standard’ material
  • change the color of the material (in the diffuse channel)
  • map an image to the diffuse channel
  • map an image to the opacity channel

  • create a daylight system
  • create photometric free lights
  • create photometric target lights



    Additional Information:

    To map an image to a channel of a material with the compact material editor:

  • Press ‘m’ to open the material editor.
  • If necessary, go to the modes menu and select ‘compact material editor’.
  • Select an un-used material.
  • Click the ‘get materials’ icon (a sphere and arrow).
  • Double-click on ‘standard’ under the standard material category.
  • Exit the material/map browser.
  • In the material editor, click the square icon next to the ‘diffuse’ channel.
  • Open the ‘maps’ rollout and double-click on ‘bitmap’.
  • Select your desired image.

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