Temporal changes through time-lapse and annotation

The temporal aspect of the narrative is depicted by a time-lapse video and animated diagramming in After Effects.  A time-lapse video effectively portrays changes taking place in a scene and annotations convey the objectives of the narrative.

To create a time-lapse video, a series of photographs were taken from the boat ramp at Atchafalaya basin visitor center within a span of couple hours. These images were edited in Adobe Bridge and then imported into After Effects as a footage.




The effect of infrastructure (I-10) on ecology was shown through diagrams drawn in Illustrator and then imported into After Effects as a composition with layers.


The animation and sequence of diagrams was established through key framing in After Effects. Various parameters like opacity, scale and position were altered through transform option in every layer.

Masks were further used to create effects.



Finally, the movie was rendered by adding it to render queue under composition.

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