Prototype I

[framework] : white plaster model of Mississippi River basin and delta

The framework will be achieved by using topographical data of the Mississippi River basin and delta to createcontour linework in Autocad.  This information will be fed into the laser cutter to make negatives for chipboard molds.  Once the molds are assembled the plaster will be poured into, dried, and popped out of these molds; they will then be organized into one large Mississippi River basin and delta model.

[process] : projection of delta formation onto model

The process consists of demonstrating the erosion of sediment from across the country, the flowing of this sediment from tributaries into the Mississippi River, and the build up of these sediments in the Mississippi River delta formation.  Iconic cultural images will be projected onto the plaster model around the city/state where they would occur; these images will get sucked into a tributary of the Mississippi River.  They will assume the form of a sediment particle which will continue to travel via projection down the river on the model.  The projected sediments will make their way to the mouth of the river and start to build up in the gulf (using color intensity and quantity to show massing).  When pieces of the delta erode away, the particles will become images again, slip into the Gulf of Mexico and fade away.

[experience] : projected perspectives of the delta wetlands on wall next to model

Perspectives of the delta, modeled through 3dsmax, will showcase the experience of the wetlands through use of the native flora and fauna, and possibly a soundtrack taken in the coastal wetlands.  The visual connection between the model and experience will be accomplished by showing that the build up and erosion processes are in sync in both the model and projected perspectives.  The same image will also be shown in both model and perspective to portray the erosion of the delta wetlands.

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