ArcMap 9.3 QuickStart

ArcMap 9.3 QuickStart



Spatial Data

Loading Data

  1. Start Menu > Programs Folder > ArcGIS > ArcMap
  2. Select “A new empty map” > OK (or choose “An existing map”)
  3. File > Add data or click the Add Data Button
  4. Navigate to where data is stored > select file > Add

Ordering Layers

  1. Column to the left = Table of Contents (TOC) which displays list of layers in the map.
  2. Turn layers on or off by checking or unchecking box next to the name.
  3. Change the order of layers by dragging the layer up or down in the list. (ArcMap draws the bottom layer first.)

Changing Colors and Symbols

  1. ArcGIS randomly chooses colors when the layers are first added.
  2. Click the box just below the layer to bring up the Symbol Selector menu.
  3. Change the color by selecting a box from the left hand side, or by clicking the down arrow next to the Fill Color box which brings up a menu of colors.
  4. Change the outline in the same way.

Moving Around the Map

These tools can be found in the Tools Toolbox. If this toolbox is not visible go to View > Toolbox > Tools to add it to the ArcMap window.

Attribute Tables

  1. RtClick on the layer name > Open Attribute Table

Displaying Table Information Graphically

  1. RtClick on the layer > Properties > Symbology tab
  2. This tab allows you to change the colors as you did before by clicking on the symbol under the layer, however it offers more options.

Under “Features > Single Symbol” the color and representation of points, lines and polygons can be changed.

Under “Categories > Unique Values” you can give each category within a file a different representation by choosing the field you want to work with from the Value Field Menu and clicking “add all values”.

By choosing “Quantities > Graduated colors” you can display quantitative data associated with the file. In the value field select the data you want to represent and in the normalization, any other data you want to make a simple ratio. Classification / natural breaks box allows you to choose how many categories you want to display.

Labeling features

  1. RtClick the layer > Properties > Labels tab
  2. Check the “label features in this layer” box to turn on labels.
  3. Choose the method and field which you would like to use to label
  4. Change the font type, color, etc
  5. In “other options” you can set parameters for overlapping, etc.
  6. Among other adjustments, for example you can put a halo of color around the label, choose Label styles > Properties > Symbol Properties > Properties > Mask > Halo

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